Are Razer products good for gaming?

Razer headset near computer mouse

Recently, we have done tests on multiple products from the gaming tool company named Razer. They are very popular, but let’s see if their quality matches up to their popularity.

Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2

This is a very popular keyboard from Razer. I very much like the RGB lights on it, they look very proffesional while gaming, and can be customised using their well-made app. This keyboard also comes with an ergonomic leather armrest, that makes gaming much more comfortable for your wrists. The pricing is slightly higher than expected, a little bit over $150. I also love the sounds of the mechanical cherry keys. Overall, I would give this keyboard a 9/10, everything was good, just slightly overpriced in my opinion.

Razer Naga Trinity

This mouse is very interesting. It has only 3 colours of RGB, however they all look very nice. The side of the mouse is great, because it is gives comfort to your thumb. The side part of the mouse can be switched to the other 2 options that are in the box with the mouse. They each have a different amount of buttons. The first one has 2, next one has 7 and the one with the most buttons has 12. The sides can be switched by placing a different one on the magnets. The mouse is priced at approximately $90. Overall, this mouse gets an 8/10, -1 because of the high price and -1 because sometimes the sides are difficult to replace, however the mouse is still good.

Razer Kraken

This is definitely one of my favourite pairs of headphones for gaming purposes. I have been using them for a long time. Sometimes, when they are used for listening to music, the sound has a little bit too much bass, but otherwise the volume is good and can be quiet if set to the lower volume, but very loud on high volumes. They also have sound-surround when playing games, which makes it as if you very living inside of the game. I would give them a rating of 9/10.

Final Thoughts

Razer seems to make very high quality devices for gaming. However, they are a bit overpriced as we’ve seen on the past few products. Overall, I would recommend them to gamers.

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