Android Auto does not work with Android 11…

person inside vehicle holding steering wheel

You might not have any desire to race to introduce Android 11 in the event that you rely upon your telephone for in-vehicle music and route. Android Police focuses to writes about Google’s discussions and Reddit of genuine bugs in Android Auto. There are various sound issues, including discontinuous music, calls that don’t course through the sound system and missing warning sounds. Google recognized that the Calendar application was absent for certain clients and is just returning with an Android Auto 5.6 application turning out to clients.

There have additionally been in any event two examples where Android Auto ‘delicate bricked’ telephones like the Pixel 3 XL, driving clients to reboot or manufacturing plant reset the gadgets to recuperate them.

Reddit clients mtb_junkie and Yewtsan have recommended that incapacitating Bluetooth gadget checking on the telephone should help in probably a few conditions.

It’s normal for fresh out of the plastic new Android deliveries to have blemishes, and we noted in our Android 11 audit that the new OS seems, by all accounts, to be carriage all in all. The Android Auto issues seem, by all accounts, to be especially intense, however, and could be hazardous in the event that you rely upon your telephone to get around town. You might need to hang tight for the Auto application update and corrections to Android 11 itself before hopping in.

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