Top 3 Logo Maker Apps For Android

white samsung galaxy smartphone showing icons

Google’s Play Store on Android is a great way to get apps on to your phone. But what if you want to make a logo? What apps should you download to do this? Let’s have a look at the best 3 apps to do this.


PixelLab is a relatively popular app. Not only does it allow you to edit photos well, it also lets you to make logos, with options such as adding your own fonts, editing opacity of images, adding lots of images and much more. Also, this app does not have watermarks, a very small amount of advertisements, and does not force you to upgrade to the pro version. I think that this is one of the best logo tools for Android.


PicsArt is very similar to PixelLab. It is also made mostly to edit pictures, but lets you make logos as well. There are some advantages and disadvantages compared to PixelLab. An advantage is that the app is a lot more popular, and has more users resulting in more frequent updates. Another advantage is the stickers tab, where you can find free to use photos and stickers to incorporate into your photos. The disadvantage is that you cannot add your own fonts, or gradients, so the text is harder to edit compared to PixelLab.


Snapseed is Google’s take at a photo editor and logo maker. With this tool, you can add many nice effects to the final image such as blur, focus, zoom, re-colour and more. The app also allows you to put nice text in. Overall, for beginners, this app is a good choice.

Final Thoughts

There are many apps for making logos on your Android device. For people who are more skilled or used to photoshop, I would recommend Pixellab because it has many options and more freedom for the user. For people who are not professionals, but want a little bit more freedom, then my recommendation is PicsArt. Lastly, for beginners, you can use SnapSeed or search for a simple logo maker in the Play Store.

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