The new NVIDEA RTX 3080

Обзоры GeForce RTX 3080, к сожалению, завтра не появятся. Nvidia перенесла  дату их публикаций

Nvidia is promising enormous things with the GeForce RTX 3080 designs card. “Double the presentation” of the RTX 2080 is maybe the greatest case of all, with vows of a PC gaming achievement. While we’re despite everything dragging the RTX 3080 through some serious hardship, here’s a more intensive glance at what the real equipment resembles.

Nvidia has changed to another flag molded board for the RTX 3080 and consolidated this PCB with another cooling cover. That implies the RTX 3080 structures a figure of eight, with fans flanking either side. Nvidia is utilizing a push-pull framework here, with the left-hand fan acting more like a conventional blower cooler by debilitating let some circulation into of the PCIe space. The right-hand fan maneuvers air into the card, which at that point debilitates on the contrary side near your CPU cooler and back case fan.

The RTX 3080 fans.

Nvidia claims this is a more ideal wind stream model, decreasing GPU temperatures on the RTX 3080 by around 20C, yet there is concern it could influence CPU temperatures by ignoring air legitimately the CPU. In any case, this new card ought to convey calmer and more productive cooling.

Another huge change with the RTX 3080 equipment itself is another 12-pin connector. It’s littler than utilizing two customary eight-pin connectors, yet it implies you need to utilize a fairly abnormal connector that parts and hangs out the side of the card. Fortunately, Corsair has focused on making a committed 12-pin connector for these cards, and ideally other PSU makers will likewise make their own adaptations. These new 12-pin connectors may be found all alone RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 cards.

RTX 3080 versus RTX 2080.

Contrasted with the RTX 2080, the RTX 3080 isn’t unreasonably a lot greater. It’s marginally longer at 285mm versus 267mm, however it’s as yet a double opening plan and will fit into most of cases. The equivalent can’t be said about the size of the RTX 3090, which vows to be a beast of a card in a bigger number of ways than one. Nvidia’s RTX 3080 will deliver with 10GB of GDDR6X memory, and Nvidia is utilizing 8,704 CUDA centers joined with a 1.71GHz lift clock. This all indicates 29.7 teraflops of execution.

We’ll be scrutinizing this exhibition against the RTX 2080 for both 4K and 1440p gaming in the coming days to see where Nvidia’s cases land. Return soon for the full GeForce RTX 3080 audit. Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080 is dispatching on September seventeenth, estimated at $699.

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