How much battery do phones lose overnight?

black and silver digital device

For the past 5 days, we have used Realme X2 Pro phone to figure our how much battery a phone loses per night (when it’s not used). If you would like to see this with more phones, leave a comment.

We stop the phones usage at 10:20pm and check it at 7:20am (9 hours).

Day 1:

The phone started the night at 54%, and on the morning was at 46%. This means it lost 8% over the first night. The phone did not get many notifications over this night.

Day 2:

The phone started at 84%, and when I woke up, it had just 72%. It was 4% more than yesterday. However, I did receive notifications of WhatsApp from friends during this night, which might explain the bigger lost of battery power.

Day 3:

The phone started at 67%, and when I got up, it had 60%. That’s not too bad, and very similar to Day 1. It makes sense, because the amount of messages and notifiers was also very similar.

Day 4:

The phone started at a meere 44%, but dropped just 6% to 38%. Again, the notifications were similar to Day 3 and Day 1.

Day 5:

Surpirising, the device only lost 2% over this night. That’s very good, especially seeing as, the notifications were more than yesterday. The phone started at 26% and ended up at 24%, which as I said is a very small change.

Final Thoughts

It seems as if the phone lost less percent when it started with a lower percentages, because the last two days were very successful.

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