MacBook Pro Touch Bar Review

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All of the new MacBook contain this peculiar bar that allows you to use touch to control different things happening on your device. It has always intrigued me and many other people what exactly this small touch-screen bar can do for your MacBook Pro.

Let’s have a look at some of it’s features:

Control Strip

The control strip appears on the right side of your MacBook’s touch bar and allows you to do all of the necessities and essentials you would do on the control bar (marked with Fs) that is missing from all MacBook Pros with the touch bar. Some of the things the control strip does are: adjust brightness/volume, start siri, open the launchpad or check the side panel.

Typing Help

When you are typing in apps like notes or writing emails, the touch bar will help you by adding spelling suggestions and suggesting the next word for you to type. When you select text, and the app lets you to do so, the touch bar will let you make text bold, italic, make a list or change the size of the text. It also allows you to add emojis, which was difficult on previous MacBook devices.


The touch bar is very easy to customise, and it lets you be quite free with it. You can set it up to show different useful buttons while you are freely using the MacBook and not doing anything too important. This is a good addition to the Touch Bar. When you are in customisation mode, the buttons will jiggle/dance just like apps on the MacBook launchpad when you are moving them. You can also customise the Control Strip to make it easier to use for yourself.

Final Thoughts

I think that the Touch Bar is very useful and a good addition to the MacBook Pro. It is simple to use, and brings some new features that let you do things which were previously hard to do on other MacBooks.

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