What’s the difference between .exe and .msi?

In the event that you need to place new programming in your PC, you have to acquire an installer either by buying on the web or locally, or by downloading free ones from the Internet. With installers, there are two basic records that you have to open so as to begin the establishment; one that has a MSI expansion and one with an EXE augmentation. The fundamental contrast between the two augmentations is their motivation. EXE is utilized principally to demonstrate that the document is an executable one. In correlation, MSI demonstrates that the document is a Windows installer.

While a MSI is utilized distinctly with installers, this isn’t the situation with EXE. Any application requires having at any rate one EXE document as it is expected to begin the cycles of the application. Indeed, even projects introduced with either an EXE or a MSI will have at least one EXE records.

One of the upsides of utilizing MSI while making your establishment bundle is the accessibility of a standard GUI that is adjustable somewhat yet eliminates the intricacy of making your own interface. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you utilize an EXE record, you have the full opportunity on how the installer interfaces with the client. This is plainly observed in most present day games which use EXE as their installers. They frequently have extremely extravagant and intelligent interfaces that engage the client while trusting that the establishment will wrap up.

Another preferred position of MSI is its capacity to do establishment or request. With this sort of establishment, just the connections and other minor stuff are really put on the PC. The real establishment is done when the client endeavors to run the program just because; so, all things considered, the MSI opens the fundamental documents and completes the establishment cycle. EXE records can’t do this.

Picking among EXE and MSI while making a product installer depends simply on the program you have and the measure of exertion you need to place into the installer. EXE furnishes you with most extreme control to the detriment of included work in making the installer. MSI does the direct inverse, disentangling the undertaking by adjusting to preset guidelines.


1.An EXE is an executable record while a MSI is an establishment bundle.

2.MSI is selective to installers while EXE isn’t.

3.An MSI gives a standard GUI while an EXE gives GUI adaptability.

4.An MSI can do establishment on request while an EXE can’t.

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