Uncontrollable Vizio Sound Bar Won’t Respond to Remote Control?

The soundbars have become significant gadgets for individuals who need tidied up solid and the sound from the TV’s inherent speakers aren’t enough for them. Thus, individuals pick the Vizio soundbar for its top notch and clear strong quality.

In any case, the Vizio soundbar not reacting to the remote is a main problem yet there are a few fixes accessible for you!

1) Line Of Sight

At the point when it boils down to the soundbar not reacting to the related controller, you should actually take a look at the view. The view should be checked from the controller to the IR sensor of the soundbar.

This is on the grounds that the Vizio soundbars and controllers need an immediate view to the sensor (the IR sensor, to be exact).

For individuals who don’t have a clue, the IR sensor is known as the eye of the soundbar which is known to recognize the signs from the controller. At the point when the IR sensor gets the sign from your controller, it will follow the order.

That being said, you should guarantee that nothing is hindering the soundbar’s front side, for example, DVD stack, photo placement, link box, or whatever else. Along these lines, assuming there are such items obstructing the signs, eliminate them and it’s probably going to fix the responsive issues.

2) Power Cycle

Indeed, it’s a banality arrangement yet we are discussing power cycling the controller. For power cycling your remote, just eliminate the batteries and press every one of the buttons on the controller twice. Additionally, the controllers will more often than not have a couple of buttons which means squeezing the buttons won’t consume most of the day. Whenever you’ve squeezed the buttons twice, embed every one of the batteries again and test it!

3) Batteries

Assuming power cycling the controller with the Vizio soundbar doesn’t work, there are high possibilities that batteries aren’t working. This is on the grounds that occasionally, every one of your batteries need is a new pair of batteries since it’s probably going to bring the controller’s usefulness in the groove again.

It is fundamental for change the batteries, particularly assuming that you haven’t changed or substituted the batteries for quite a while. Remember that batteries will wear out with time, so transform them and we would recommend settling on battery-powered batteries.

4) Reboot

We have effectively discussed power cycling the controller, you additionally need to reboot the Vizio soundbar. For a reboot, disengage the Vizio soundbar from the electrical plug and continue to hold the power button on the unit.

By and large, the power button is accessible on the left side or on the highest point of the unit. Specifically, you should press the button for around thirty seconds and afterward let it go. Then, at that point, associate the soundbar to power and check whether it reacts to the remote once more.

5) Software Update

Vizio soundbar is an astonishing gadget and it works with programming. This is since, in such a case that rebooting the soundbar doesn’t work, you should refresh the product form. That is on the grounds that the 2014 and 2015 Vizio soundbars will more often than not have numerous product issues and can be fixed by refreshing the product. In this way, join on the site and download the soundbar’s product update as indicated by the model!

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